WBKA Calendar 2017

The programme for 2017 is shown below. If you are unsure of the directions to any of the venues, please contact the Secretary using the contact form.

WBKA members are welcome to attend Airedale BKA events, for details see the ABKA calendar.

A PDF of the WBKA calendar, which replaces the members card is available for download here.

Local Group Meetings (monthly)

Last Tuesday of the month Otley (MOB/COW) 7.30pm The Fleece, Otley...more

Second Tuesday of the month Skipton (NOW/WOW) 7.30pm, The Cross Keys, Skipton...more

NB The February meeting of NOW/WOW will be on Tuesday 7th

Association Events

February, Thursday 16 All members evening Ilkley Vaults Hotel

This will be a social meeting with short contributions from members held in the upstairs room at Ilkley Vaults Hotel accessed from outside staircase at the car park entrance. There will be a bar serving cold and hot drinks and food. Topics will include:

The Bee Gym - Laurence and Anne
Poly v wooden hives - Jenny Liston
Hornet traps - John Forsyth

If any other member is willing to make a contribution (5mins) on a different topic on the evening please contact Anne Jones.

March, Saturday 25 YBKA Spring Conference details to follow

More details may be available from the YBKA web site

March, Thursday 30 Will Askew "Biopesticides - an alternative to chemical pesticides" Rendezvous Hotel, Skipton, 8pm

There will be a bar serving cold and hot drinks and food.

Biopesticides are forms of pesticide which use micro-organisms or natural products, for example using the infections of parasites to control their numbers rather than chemical pesticides, an exciting area of development that is financially supported by many of the major agrochemical companies. Our speaker, Will Askew, is a Biologist, originally from Otley and now living in Harrogate. Following an undergraduate degree at the Newcastle University and a Master's degree at Leeds University, he has been working as a study director for APIS - Applied Insect Science. He is also currently completing a part-time PhD with Newcastle University.

He says " at APIS we specialise in evaluating the environmental safety of Biopesticides. This work involves Honeybees and Bumblebees. I'm going to briefly talk about chemical pesticides, using Neonicotinoids as an example. This will lead me to talk to you about Biopesticides, our work with them and their benefits as an alternative to chemical pesticides. I will also talk about my PhD project "Biosafety and efficacy of novel Biopesticides" and work that I'm doing with Bumblebees".

June/July, date to be confirmed Apiary Visits

Dates to be arranged by Local Groups

August, Saturday 19 Gargrave Show

November, Friday 10th Honey Show, AGM and Social Evening Ilkley Rugby Club

There will be a hot buffet