WBKA Calendar 2017/18

The programme for 2017/18 is shown below. If you are unsure of the directions to any of the venues, please contact the Secretary using the contact form.

WBKA members are also welcome to attend Airedale BKA events, for details see the ABKA calendar.

Local Group Meetings (monthly)

Last Tuesday of the month Lower Wharfedale 7.30pm The Fleece, Otley...more

Second Tuesday of the month Upper Wharfedale 7.30pm, for details of venue see the members page.

Training Courses

Beginners' Course Weds 28 February - Weds 28 March and Weds 18 April, Horticulture Annex, Craven College, Skipton Auctin Mart. For more information or to book a place please contact Jenny via the Contact page.

Association Events

January, Friday 26 Social Evening 7.30pm Ilkley Moor Vaults

A quiz (not all about bees) is proposed. The evening is also open for any other contributions. Partners, friends and expert quizzers welcome. Wanted: a quiz master for the night. Volunteers to contact the Secretary please.

March, Wednesday 7 "A Palaentologist's Perspectve on the Evolutionary History of Bees"

Talk by Dr. John Varker 7.30pm Christchurch, Ilkley

March, Saturday 24 YBKA Annual Spring Meeting York

More details to follow